Thursday within the lawsuit submitted.

Ohio Sues 5 Major Drug Companies For ‘Fueling Opioid Epidemic’ The state of Ohio has sued five main drug manufacturers because of its role within the opioid epidemic. Thursday within the lawsuit submitted, state Lawyer General Mike DeWine alleges these five businesses unleash a health care crisis which has experienced far-reaching financial, public, and deadly effects within the constant state of Ohio. Named within the suit will be the following firms: Purdue Pharma Endo Wellness Solutions Teva Pharmaceutical Sectors and subsidiary Cephalon Johnson & Johnson and subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals Allergan The lawsuit – only the second such suit filed by a continuing state, after Mississippi earlier this season – accuses the firms of participating in a suffered advertising campaign to downplay the addiction risks from the prescription opioid medicines they sell, also to exaggerate the advantages of their use for health issues such as for example chronic pain.