Double C Kennels is a family owned and operated boarding facility with one simple philosophy:

“We treat your family pet the way we would want ours to be treated!”

With over 45 years experience of training, raising, and loving animals, the Double C Kennels staff cares for your pet like it’s a part of the family.

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Welcome to Double C Kennels!

Double C Kennels is located in historic West Branch Iowa, home of our 31st President Herbert Hoover. Just 10 minutes from interstate I-80,our Licensed and Insured boarding kennel offer the best for your pet:

  • Climate Controlled
  • Fenced Outdoor Play Area
  • Bedroom and Living Room suites 

(Just like home)

  • and much more

Your pet is welcome as long as your vacation, business trip, or military duties take. We will be here for your pet’s every need. We’ve even had a dog here for over 18 months while his master was in Afghanistan serving our country.

New Update 03/02/2017


We are so thankful for everyone that has supported us over the last 11 years! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We will continue to offer our boarding services for years to come. We appreciate your continued business!

SPRING BREAK DATES…We are filled to capacity March 10 – 19, 2017


July 17th – 21st

August 4th – 6th

December 18th – 27th

NOTE: We will no longer be boarding cats after the first of the year.


Please remember to treat your dogs and cats year round for the prevention of Fleas and Ticks.


*NOTE:   Payments excepted in CASH or CHECK only!

Our Summer hours for Check-in and Check-out

will vary after Memorial Day Holiday.

 Sunday pick up in the 6 a.m. to 7:15 a.m. and Noon time.

Evening pick up on Sunday’s to be arranged.


Vaccination Update*

Recent studies are recommending “Bordetella”, the Kennel Cough Vaccine, to be updated every 6 months when kenneling your dogs on a regular basis. We are now requiring Bordetella every 6 months before boarding your pets.



We would like to remind you to make your reservations early to secure your pet(s) accomodations.


We ONLY accept Cash or Check for payment at the time of your pick up. 


Please note Change in Reservation Page
We had our e-mail hacked and now will disable our reservation link until we can fix the problem. If you have requested a reservation through this site and have not heard back from me it’s because the e-mails were lost in the actions. Please call me for future reservations. We do extend our apologies!
Thank you for your continued business!



Hogs to Dogs

We are now boarding cats and other small animals along with our established dog boarding kennels. The Kitty Condo Room is ready to provide your cat with large accomodations and tons of TLC. Check out our progress at our Construction page under Gallery, or call and arrange a tour!

Check In and Out Times

Monday – Sunday*

Mornings: 6am to 7:15am

Midday: 12pm to 12:30pm

Evenings: 5pm to 5:30pm

Summer Hours:

Monday – Saturday: hours as listed above


6am to 7:15am

 Noon to 12:15pm

No evening pick up or drop off


In order to make sure your pet has the best experience possible, drop off and pick up arrangements will be made in 15 minute increments to avoid overlap. Other clients may already have your desired time slot, so please call to check availability.

Arrival outside your agreed upon scheduled time may result in a conflict of a timely check in or check out.

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